About us

Bentzon Carpets ApS is a100% owned company under Ege Carpets. The company was created by the two brothers John and Hans Bentzon. Concentrating on quality and an exceptional product differentiation they have created one of the leading productions of exclusive woven carpets.

Weaving carpets is an old craft, and therefore through generations the woven carpet has developed into an exciting and very hard-wearing product. Bentzon Carpets has retained the traditional weaving methods. Today, however, the carpets are manufactured on advanced high-technology looms ensuring a uniform production with the possibility of many different structures. A large part of our domestic products are made of pure new wool of the best quality, while the contract products are produced of the latest developed generations in polyamide or in 80/20 wool/polyamide.

Even though we produce more than one million square metres a year, we are dealing with a niche production. Our production is so automated and flexible that we can immediately switch over production so that it is adjusted to the demand.