Backing Contract Carpets

The below mentioned qualities are standard wise delivered with Textile backing. We have 3 different Felt backings available: CF300, CF400 and CF800. Minimum quantity: 400 m2. The difference is shown in the picture.

Backings available

Weight: 80 gr / Thickness: 1 mm

Weight: 300 gr / Thickness: 1 mm

Weight: 400 gr / Thickness: 1.5 mm

Weight: 800 gr / Thickness: 4 mm

Weight: 350 gr / Thickness: 2 mm

These backings are for the following collections

  Textile CF300 CF400 CF800 CF350
Alfa X X X X  
Beta X X X X  
Gamma X X X X  
Golf X X X X X
Kappa   X      
Lima X X X    
Omega   X      
Sigma X X X X X

Minimum quantity: 400 m2