Policies and Guide Lines

Bentzon Carpets is 100% owned by ege Group and policies for ege Group are valid for Bentzon Carpets – see www.egecarpets.com.

Quality Guide Lines:

Bentzon Carpets will supply a uniform quality in accordance with current product specifications, carpet standards and requirements as well as agreements with customers.

  • To us quality is the certainty which arises, when there is a balance between the customers’ expectations and their experiences in relation to our carpets.
  • We wish to promote the competencies of our employees and their sense of responsibility towards the woven craftsmanship of the company
  • We enable the individual employee to make decisions regarding the weave quality during the production process
  • We make our quality requirements visible to all employees
  • We select and evaluate our suppliers based on our quality requirements
  • We monitor and document our quality level
  • We have the customer in focus and our management system must secure, that our performances meet the warranted expectations

By means of dialogue within the company, registered deviations and implementation of corrective actions, we are constantly improving the efficiency of our management system.

We work with a disciplined passion for the woven craft in order for our customers, colleagues and suppliers to experience Bentzon Carpets as a credible and focused partner.

Environmental and Work Environment Guide Lines

Bentzon Carpets will at all times comply with current legal and regulatory requirements.

  • We continuously strive to reduce impact on the internal and external environment. Among other things this is done by limiting resource and energy consumption, using the cleanest production technology as well as choice of raw materials – albeit taking financial opportunities into account
  • We will secure, that all employees are aware of the environmental responsibilities within the company
  • We will work to give high priority to continuous health and well-being in the workplace and to continuously improve it, and that all employees are aware of ensuring a good working environment for themselves and others
  • We will secure, that significant waste products are disposed through environmentally conscious buyers
  • We will continuously inform and involve employees in environmental improvements, both in connection with the working environment and resource limiting activities
  • We conduct workplace assessments (APV) every 3rd year to identify problems, dangers and unintended impacts on the work environment

Communication of Policies

Through the website of Bentzon Carpets, there is external access to the current policies. These will be accessible for all stakeholders, in Danish, English and German.

We inform all employees within the company of our policies in connection with hiring and at introduction courses as well as we inform changes and follow-up to policies at employee information meetings.

In addition current policies for Bentzon Carpets are always available on the bulletin boards in the production and administration.

The head of each department is responsible for making all decisions based on and considering the policies of the company.